About Retropolis Apparel Co.

Retropolis Apparel, born out of our love for everything bike and our passion for irreplaceable classic vintage leather. Each one of our vintage leather jackets has history, a story to tell, but definitely not a last ride!

We offer authentic vintage leather jacket styles for all biking preferences, from the legendary Perfecto to Cafe Racers, Cruiser and Sports jackets. Even if you aren’t a biker, a vintage leather jacket makes a massive ’stand out’ fashion statement too, with the smaller sizes suitable for those fashionista ladies.

We take quality seriously and therefore each of our jackets are individually hand picked by our garment technologist, ensuring that all of the jackets we offer are made to highest standards, and made from the highest quality leather, fabric and zips.

To maintain this high standard, we mainly present iconic brands, including Lindbergh, Dainese, Hein Gericke and Echtes Leder to name a few of the majors, but also some smaller artisan brands.

Our pricing policy makes it possible for almost anyone to afford a classic piece of vintage leather, with prices starting at £45 - £95. We also have the Retropolis Gold Line for jackets of superior quality and style and of course if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase we guarantee a full no quibble refund.

We're constantly updating our collection, so if we don’t have anything that grabs you now, call back often to browse our latest collection additions.

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